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Invasion Defender


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There is an alien race roaming the galaxy conquering planets and our planet is next. The only way to stop them conquering our planet is destroying the planets they have conquered and the most important, their planet of origin has to be destroyed or they could come back and hunt you down.
In the process you, Commander, will have to protect a big mothership called Destroyer that is an planet killer machine but it can't defend itself against attacks, because it needs all its power to destroy planets.

This is a tower defense style game.
Mixed mode with classic tower defense style and a new variant where there is no tower bases, your spaceships will move around towards the enemy.
Tap on the spaceships to select and to place them where you want them, once they are dropped you can't move them again.
Fight against an alien invasion, protect your space station, mothership(destroyer) and protect other planets against invasions.
12 Ships to play with and upgrade
6 Different upgrades
15 Enemies ships
15 Planned levels - 5 levels released now, more coming soon.

3 levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Impossible.
How fast can you deploy your ships? You may be overrun.

Optimized for iPhone 6+, works well on iPhone 6 and iPhone 5.
Not tested on iPhone 4 or earlier.

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