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Memory Wars - Animals


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This game is a great way to improve your memory skills.

Is a game you can play with the increasingly difficult levels of both children and adults. This is perfect for you and your child an excellent instructor mind "brain training" will be activity. Aim at the touch of a minimum card and to match all the cards in the shortest possible time in the game.

The game starts from the first level and income gap cards.
Period starts when you press the Start button, and the cards are turned off.
Cards and also to try to find one by one turn.
Your points each correct answer according to the level of the game increases, decreases the score wrong answers.
According to the level you have completed additional time is added when you pass level.

Download this game is one of the best practices for storage and enjoy.

- Cute animals
- Color images
- Keep the memory cards
- Match Pairs
- Easy, simple and fun

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Thank you!- Bug fixed.

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