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★★★ Features ★★★
✔ 50+ Multiple level
✔ Different Graphics on each level
✔ On each level speed will increase
✔ Three life line given
✔ Speed will increase on each level
✔ You have save penguin with obstacle coming in the way while running
✔ You have to catch the stars hanging in the air to increase your score.

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★★★ Customers Review ★★★

♝ I love this game …monster are so cute..
♝ This is very nice game to play with friends….
♝ My son addicted with this game..…..Thanks

What's new Features:

- Extra ordinary levels with other obstacles
- Twitter & facebook Integration
- Level with different graphics

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All you have to do is carefully plan your route. You can see the whole map, but your possible directions are marked by the arrows on the ground. More often than not you will have a chance to choose where to go. But to make it more interesting sometimes the direction is predefined.
Slide your finger or just tap the screen to which side you want to go.
Good luck, and don't get lost.

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