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Rocket Hero Boom

go4nishugo4nishu / Skycap

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Here comes Rocket Hero to kill your boredom.
Rocket hero is a fun, addictive game with cool graphics and sounds. You need to have good aiming skills to win the game. Best of luck.


Rocket Hero as the name suggests is the hero of the game and his mission is to kill Torro(the boss). Rocket hero has a cannon with which you can aim and fire on Torro, which gives you scores and coins. If the rocket strikes on Torro's head(headshot) you get two points and if you hit headshot 3 times consecutively, then fever mode is activated in which you get 5 points for next shot. Its a War, no law zone. Torro must die if you miss he'll kill you. No other way.

How to play:

Tap and hold your finger on the screen, and rocket hero will start aiming his canon, and when you release he'll fire. But you have to aim perfectly because you got only one chance, the canon doesn't gets back once you've crossed your aim. So aim perfectly and then fire.

∆ Three different background views while playing.
∆ Only one Life to age excitement.
∆ Fever mode for more score.
∆ Do or Die.
∆ No Adrenalin rush but Addiction reloaded.
∆ Cool graphics.

Upcoming Features
∆ 4 different characters to choose from.

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