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Itror - In The Right Order

tuackertuacker / Markus Bodner

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Tap icons in the order they originally appeared with each round adding a new one to the mix.

Can you remember a shuffled deck of cards, front to back? Itror puts this to the test. Every round you will have to remember one more object. At the end you have to recall the correct sequence of 35 icons.

After the 35th round there will be two bonus rounds: 'Double or Nothing' and 'Back to Front'.
In 'Double or Nothing' you have to repeat the 35th round. If you manage to do that your score gets doubled!
In 'Back to Front' you have to go into reverse. The last icon in the sequence is now the first. And the first is now the last icon to leave the board.

Is the game too easy? Want to earn more points? Activate modifiers:

- One Heart: You now have only 1 life. One wrong guess and game over!
- Time Attack: Race against the clock, think for too long and the time runs out.
- Mines: Every round one or more icons get replaced by mines. Do NOT touch the mines! You have to recall which icon they replaced in order to know which icon is the next correct guess.

Activating modifiers increases points earned! If you buy the full game you can activate two or all three modifiers at the same time for the highest difficulty and earning that ultra highscore!

Too hard? 'Unlimited Tries' is the final modifier. It reduces the points you earn but you can have unlimited wrong guesses.

If you run into any issues please contact me.

I'd love to hear about your experience with the game.

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