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Ten Drops


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► Deeply welcomed by everybody’s educational game TEN DROPS finally has the iphone version! And it is free!
► TEN DROPS is a very amusing game, whose interface has the extremely sense of reality and vivid sound. And you can set any of drop colors in ten kinds of them. All these advantages can make us feel we are in an entire new world.
► TEN DROPS is a simple but amusing game. It’s very easy to operate and has simple rules. Each time play will give us a new feeling. We can call it the top grade in the game.
► The game also provides local integral ranking. We can share the game with our friends.
► My friends, let’s play the game together and expect who can go through more stages and get more scores.

【 Rules of the game 】
- Water drops introduction:
it can be divided into five kinds: one-level drops, two-level drops, three-level drops, four level drops, splashing drops.
- Game starts:
To start the game with 10 one-level drops (10 times touch opportunities)
Game interface has a number of different levels drops, which is in random positions.
- Game pass standard:
making all drops disappear on the interface players can enter the next stage.
- How:
we make full use of 10 one-level drops and make them upgrade by putting them into other drops.
If we add a one-level drop to a four-level drop, which can cause to burst four splashing drops and splash to four directions., and each drop met by splashing drop will be upgraded, and so on.
- Operating skills:
TEN DROPS places emphasis on using the least drops to create the largest chain reaction.
We should try to let splashing drops to hit four-level (round) drops and make it disappear.
The system will reward us one one-level drop (one touch opportunity) if we can clear up three four-level drops by one click.
The system will rewards us two one-level drops (two times touch opportunities) if we clear up six four-level drops, and like this.
Passing one stage each time players can be rewarded one one-level drop.
Finally, every ten stages increase one-level difficulty of the game.
- Game over:
When all the touch opportunities were run out of, there’s still has drops in interface, which means game is over.

【 Story Background 】
Earth's water resources are limited, which come from rivers and lakes, from our planet, our home. To us and our future generations, we must treasure every drop of water.
Over the years, we just always ask for, but we wasted a lot of water, we have already made the earth sore all over the eyes.
We can not wait. We must act from present, cherish the resources around us. Let us start to love every drop of water.
This is the idea of the game: using the least resources to do most things. Let us save water together!- Support iOS5
- Fixed some bug

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