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San Francisco Live Wallpaper

secredutsecredut / Pantz Games Co., Ltd.

Original_screenshot_20151024-183650 Original_screenshot_20151024-183855 Original_screenshot_20151024-183813


San Francisco Live wallpaper is a combine of beautiful 2D arts, fascinating animation and perfect optimization which will make you feels like it's beautiful 3D without worrying about your battery life.

- Beautiful 60 fps 2D animation with pretty 2D art.
- Extremely low battery cost.
- Perfect color scheme for a wallpaper. You will never irritated by too strong colors!
- Reacts to your touch and drag action.
- Layout changes to physical screen size of your device. Perfectly fit to all the devices.
- No heavy 3D engine and very well optimized on native C++ level. Don't worry about the performance hit on your device.

We are going to release "Squids, Inc." series games and wallpapers. Please keep an eye on us!

Game Teaser :
Wallpaper Video :

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