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Coin Sweep

idriseidrise / codevelop Ltd

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Did you have a jar of change when you were a kid? Stacks of pennies with a splash of silver and those treasured golds. Play Coin Sweep and count your way back to the days when a pile of coins was all the fun you needed.

Coin Sweep features:

● Fun and engaging gameplay
● Hours of challenging fun
● No time pressure, take your time to get your strategy right

Get special powers to help you:

● Keep Count of your sweeps
● Erase troublesome coins
● Get a pile of extra coins
● Or just clean up all those hazards

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New Sound on/off button in settings
Early levels have been made a little easier.
Some new tutorial popups to help new players go for gold !
Adverts are less frequent
New starts get some free powerups !
Fixed bugs with silver levels not progressing.

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