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Bellys Adventure : The Beginning

hongkin0220hongkin0220 / appbee Soft

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Bellys Adventure: The Beginning

I will appear in the adventure hero Belly looking for their own identity .
Valley series first episode ! Adventurous new start of the Belly

Touch the left and right of the screen, and to control the Belly
Exit to eat together the star appears .
Please clear the stage by stepping the exit .

It consists in the world of five .
- Forest ( map of the forest )

It is a simple difficulty in the first world .

- Desert ( desert map )

Please successful mission to avoid a new obstacle

- Frozen ( ice map )

Since slip Ropugi , you will not be able to jump high .

- Castle ( Castle map )

Please successful mission to avoid the sword coming and flying laser by using a landmark

- Candy ( Candy map)

Experience the world of gravity is upset

Stage one of world 100 five

The map , the upgrade continues .add ratingTimer
add rating counter
add new map (Candy map 20 stage)
background quality update
add effect

and minor bug fix

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