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Amazing Screen Lock


Original_screen2 Original_screen4 Original_screen7 Original_screen6 Original_screen5


Each time you open your mobile and will see the lock screen with photo keypad of Noel and Happy New Year you feel very nice.

*The Feature in Amazing Lock Screen:
1. You can change icon of photo keypad with category for Noel And New Year
-> go to Pattern photo lock icon
-> Choose category if you choice from your phone click to upload your photo
-> click icon you want to choice
-> With image from your phone need to crop image and press ok
-> Press Ok for complete setup icon for lockscreen

2. You can change wallpaper or background of screen lock with a lot of wallpaper beautiful
-> Go to Background
-> Touch on screen to choice your wallpaper you want
-> if you want to get from your image press on Library Photo item after that crop and press select
-> Press OK to complete setup for wallpaper lock screen
3. You can change wallpaper or icon from your photo in your phone
4. You can change type of screen lock to Iphone screen lock

Let me know what your idea for Lock Screen.
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