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Retro Maze

SumitSoniSumitSoni / BlackLight

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Retro Maze is an adventurous journey around the world.

Find your way through the adventures land of Retro Maze - Fight the Dark World, Smash some Maze Walls, Sneak past the Evil Auto-Bots and much more... while solving a complicated maze puzzles to collect Coins.

• 100 handpicked Maze levels in Saga path.
• Unlimited game play with Randomly generated mazes in Time Attack mode.
• Progressive difficulty in Saga.
• Boss difficulty Levels.
• Sneak Past Evil Auto-Bots.
• Find your way in Dark World.
• Smash some walls with Hammers.
• Collect coins with Magnet power-up.
• Travel the world famous cities.
• Collect and Share beautiful Travel Postcards.
• Get Daily Rewards on login.
• Relive the 80's game design.

For more challenges try the TIME ATTACK mode in Retro Maze to play randomly generated maze grids (never repeated) of Easy, Medium, Difficult level of labyrinth grid and also earn in-game currency.

Use your ever-improving puzzle solving skills to find your way out of the Retro Maze. You get power-ups along the way to help you gain more out of each level. Complete a zone in the saga path and earn a beautiful Travel Postcard to share. Challenge your friends and Beat them through Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.

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