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i__d__ki__d__k / Yet Another Game Dev

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Split! is a simple, fun, two player game of hands.

Play with a friend in two player mode!

Or play by yourself in single player mode with seven difficulty levels to choose from!

Defeat your opponents by killing both their hands!


● Completely free with no advertisements.

● Simple and easy to understand gameplay.

● Two player mode - Play with a friend on the same device.

● No in-app purchases. All content included.

● Seven levels of difficulty to test your skill.

● Retro 8-bit graphics and sound effects.

The rules of Split! are as follows -
Both players start with each hand at one finger.
The players take turns to hit any hand (either the opponent's or their own) which is not dead with one of their hands.
The number of fingers in the hitting hand are added to the hand being hit.
If a hand gets more than four fingers it is dead and shows zero fingers.
If a player has one dead hand and even number of fingers on the other hand they can choose to split their fingers from the live hand evenly among both hands.
The aim is to make both the hands of your opponent dead.

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