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Race Typing


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Race Typing is a challenge game brings people to many funny races by typing quotes from books, ads, also movies and songs.
Have you ever been in a battle using only your fingers and keyboard? As fast as you can, bring your hero from the start to the destination. Need to know if you are a type master or a megaracer? Find you on top of the leaderboard, share your result with us!

But notice, don't make mistake too much, it kills your hero (reduces HP) and your mana (MP). You get lower mana, your attack will be worse.

Hero saga - many famous characters with different level of HP and MP. The strongest hero has the greatest HP and MP. It's not easy to attack him, since his defense ability is too perfect, unless your MP is around his

Simple - Open practice mode, wait for a second, type what text you see.

- To play online, open World Racers mode, touch Quick Play, wait for your opponent, race!

Please don't hesitate to give us your feedback. You are more than welcome to share us your idea to improve the game.


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