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Sushi Jigsaw Puzzle

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Sushi Girls Puzzle

Join the Sushi Girls in their latest puzzle adventure.

The Sushi Girls are back in this traditional puzzle game.
Solve 16 different puzzle with the Sushi Girls or just load your own photos.
You can play in 3 different sizes 3x4, 8x6, 16x12.
Use the help buttons to see where which puzzle piece belongs to and how the final picture should look.
Let your childs train their hand eye coordination and improve they ability to reason.
Sushi Girls Puzzle has a very easy intuitive gameplay suitable for all age groups.

- 3 different Puzzle sizes
- 16 amazing Sushi Girls pictures
- ImagePicker to puzzle pictures from your Photoalbum
- Help mode for Kids
- Intuitive gameplay
- Awesome chinese songs
- Traditional puzzle game Sushi style!
- Meet Akemi and the Sushi Girls
+ Free of Facebook and Twitter!
+ Free of In-Application-Billing!

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