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Fire In The Hole - Classic

bluecapappsbluecapapps / Bluecap Apps

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One of the Best time-pass challenger arcade game in the store 100% free.
This exciting firing game game challenges your reflexes and concentration. It’s a great way of killing that extra time while waiting. With regular updates the game is rapidly evolving and currently features eight different game modes to choose from. With just 1 minute of gameplay time this game is quite rapid and finishes in no time.

The game comprises of 2 circles (one outer and one inner), one launcher/gun, one d-pad (launcher controller), a fire button, a hole (where the shots fired from launcher should land) and a scoreboard to depict hit/miss count.
All the eight modes are made up from different combinations of outer and inner circle. The timer keeps of decreasing every second and you need to fire as many shots as possible within that time.

Global leader-boards are implemented in the game, which help you track your pop score and display your rank on the leader board. You can choose from different time filters, such as the daily, weekly or all-time score. The more the successful hit counter increases, the higher score you reach and the better you are placed. Can you reach the top?
Even though "Fire in the hole-Classic" may seem like a simple game at first, you will soon realize how challenging and difficult is actually is.

How To Play:
- Move the launcher using the launcher controller (d-pad).
- Adjust the launcher so that there is no obstruction between launcher and the Center hole.
- Once the launcher and the hole are in straight line of sight fire the shot with the fire button.
- The hit and miss counter increases with every successful/unsuccessful shot respectively.
- Fire as many shots and score as much as possible within a minute!

- Easy gameplay
- One of the best time pass game
- Simple and Time based Challenging game
- Compete with your friends through Leaderboard

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