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Open The Lock - Challenge!!

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Open The Lock is a simple game, offered 100% free to play. You just need to pop n unlock the lock.
Best Challenger game as it Challenges and test your eye & brain concentration skills too!

You don't need any expertise or prerequisite in unlocking the locks. Every lock has its own combination for you to open. Tap in the required sequence to crack the code and unbolt it out of deadlock. Your ultimate goal should be to pop the lock unless its successfully cracked.

This exciting & straightforward game challenges your reflexes and concentration. It’s a great way of killing that extra time while waiting. With regular upgrades the game is rapidly evolving and currently features three different game modes to choose from

Game Modes:
1. Classic Mode : low complexity game mode with only 1 ball, one white line and one yellow circle.

2. Expert mode : complexity is high as you now need to undo double i.e 2lock and need to concentrate on 2 balls & 2 lines instead of one.

3. Insane Mode : blast your mind out with insanity! offers 4 types of movements all in one go. The occurrence of different line movement happens at random moments making it tricky and absolute fun.

Global leader boards stimulate in the game with different time filters, such as the daily, weekly or all-time score, which help you track your pop score and display your rank on world levels, the higher score you reach and the better you are placed. Can you reach the top?

Even though it may seem like a trouble free game at first, you will soon realize how challenging and difficult it actually is. Simply copy the game from your application store and start popping those locks!

There are unlimited number of level and every level has its own fun and adventure.

Get ready and open the lock now!

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Distinctive Features:
* Unique and easy gameplay
* Cool, addictive and a perfect time pass game.
* Free download for android mobiles.
* Soon to be released for apple IOS
* Compete and compare with your friends and Challenge others on the leader board.
* It also tests your eye-brain concentration

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