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Original_abysmal penguin td

Abysmal Penguin TD


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Upgrade your cute little penguin into mighty warrior,
to Defend your country from invading monsters.
Use the monster's Element as your power..
Abysmal Penguin TD is a good old school tile based Tower Defense.
Combine with Elemental power, in both tower(in this is case is penguin) and monster.

Remember this Element Formula, as it will guide you to your journey..
In overall (most case), the penguins used this rule:
~ Fire = If you want fast attack + damage
~ Water = Imagine fire, with bigger range but slower attack
~ Lightning = If you want high damage + huge attack range
~ Wind = Somewhere between Water and Lightning
~ Earth = This is the worst tower, but eits.. It has little splash attack by his own.

There's 25 possible penguin with cute dress up,
Just try and Experiment it all ^.^

This Game is integrated with Open Feint (,
and included with leaderboard for highscore and many achievements (well, it's not that many for now).
So.. Try to beat the other's record.. (you're gonna need network connection for this, in case you don't know)

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