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Panorama Viewer

nyosnyos / Kazuhira MOKKOU inc.

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This application is intended for viewing panoramic images.

Panoramic images (360°) and films taken by a digital camera and scanned images can be reproduced to the greatest extent possible using iPad/iPhone.

To representation display a panorama image at an angle toward the iPhone / iPad with Gyro sensor and Digital compass.

You can freely scale display in all directions 360 ° with swipe and pinch.
(Be 4-finger touch when movement is strange)

Select the photo of your choice from the photo library you can 360 ° panorama view.

Non-panoramic image can 360 ° ish panoramic display. maybe...

You can also get a panoramic image of Street view display.

* We apologize to those who are seeking film scanning applications! This application has no scanning function.

You can VR stroll use the game controller of the Bluetooth connection.

.....Somehow English translation has become bothersome.
Sorry,If you do not know well.

[Card board mode]
It implements a card board mode from this version.
It is now possible to easily VR experience by the card board mode.
Card board intended to mount the iPhone as goggles, or your own, you can use a commercially available.

Although card board mode will be able to purchase in-app billing, because it can be any number of times trial a certain period of time by looking at the ad, please use by all means.

The purchase of card board mode, this app will be discontinued also advertising with our logo.
Previously, those who have purchased the "abolition of the watermark and advertising" is, use rights of card board mode for free by performing the "Restoring the purchase" will be obtained.

※ card board mode is not available on iPad.

[Noncompliant terminal]
First generation iPod touch
Second generation iPod touch
Third generation iPod touch /8GB type
First generation iPadBig update
- Panorama image selection from the photo library. (abolish the image import in the iTunes file sharing.)
- Added Image auto adjustment .(but must be alignment match to the image left side and image right side.)
- Added the use when the card board mode in the iPhone, can be used by in-app purchase (4 minutes of possible trial. Free If you were previously ad abolition purchased)
- Walk-through move additional on street view
- Added the Display mode Toon-style
- You can use the game controller.

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