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General Robot Kids Puzzle-Lite

pineocpineoc / moon1000company

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The 2nd Story of 'Dr. Robot, TEO' Series that reborn as Children's Edutainment Puzzle Game App.

Here invite children all over the world to the world of robots.
'The Secret of the birth of General Robot' is a new form of the famous book of the children's picture book author Kim, Honam. Witty picture and unique structure will draw children's interest out, and it raising educational value and fun at once.

#Dr. Robot TEO! The space monster is coming to Earth! Please build General Robot to prevent it!
All the children are Dr. Robot TEO in this app.
With the activities such as jigsaw puzzle, color matching game, you can build General Robot.
Frame, power, equipments, armors. Please build General Robot step by step.

#Please dispatch General Robot to prevent the Space Monster.
Hurry up! Please dispatch General Robot and beat the Space Monster!
The General Robot you build will mobilize to protect Earth from the attach of the Space Monster.
As The mission completed, Dr. TEO, You are our hero.

#The Educational value of Picture book, and Edutainment that learns from play
'The Secret of the birth of General Robot' from the 'Dr. Robot TEO' Series written by Kim, Honam is a recommended book for children from the library journal for its Educational value.
This book reborn with technology such as multimedia and touch interface as app. And it will present exciting adventure to the children who like the Robots and dream the Robot scientist.

#Play with Language! Come across Language
You can enjoy this app easy and fun with Korean and English.
All the narration recorded in Korea and UK by native speaker, native children. All the user will come across Korean and English and become familiar, raising its educational value.Mini game (Jiksaw puzzle) added! Let's go!

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