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HKM Horse Race

Laxity_MediaLaxity_Media / Laxity Media

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***** HKM Horse Race *****
Welcome to the official HKM Sports Equipment game.
Will you become the king of the tournament ?

Practice makes perfect.
Let's exercise together with Lena and her faithful crossbred gelding horse Leon and become the king of the tournament.

Jump over obstacles and don't let the Bees bite you.
Use your whip to rush your horse. Pick up all the carrots to jolly your horse along.
Try to jump as high as you can and win the horse cup in every level.

But if you fall from your horse, don't hesitate to try it again.
So far no master has fallen from the sky!

And always remember: The greatest happiness for a horse, is the rider on the ground.
Have fun and break a leg...

- Unique jump 'n' run game with horses
- Leaderboards and achievements
- Easy to play for all kind of ages
- 100% fun for horse enthusiasts
- Supports iPhone and iPad
- Supports Gamecenter
- Fresh horses game fun
- No In-App-Purchases
- Official HKM Sports Equipment game

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