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Ever played a game where you shoot at asteroids and aliens from your own personal spaceship?!

Of course you have!! Who hasn’t?! But Asterun is different… I promise! No really… I do!

In Asterun, you get to:
- Pilot your spaceship throughout an intense and merciless battlefield of asteroids!
- Dodge and shoot pesky asteroids by tilting your device from side to side and tapping furiously on your screen until you get repetitive strain injury!
- Battle intelligent and amazingly hostile UFOs that really don’t like you!
- Challenge yourself in the RIDICULOUS mode, where the asteroids fly fast and the damage rises faster!
- Obsessively compete on the leaderboards to become the best in different aspects of the game!
- Get fantastically obscure achievements for tasks you didn't know you had to complete!
- Eventually crash ’n burn in a spectacular ball of flames when you’ve hit that damn asteroid that appears out of nowhere!

Sound like fun to you? Great! Download today and start flying!Thank you for downloading Asterun! This is a HUGE (seriously, it is!) update where many things have changed! To list the biggest:
- The entire game has been rewritten in a brand new, shiny engine! This should make performance even better! You can now also play with your friends if they are not using Apple devices! Invite them to play with the link!
- All the achievements! Asterun now contains some secret hidden achievements… play the game and try to find them!
- Accuracy ratings are now an important part of your score - if you miss too many shots your rating will decrease and so will your score… so make those missiles count!
- Push notifications are now used! These are used so that we can send you friendly little messages from time to time, and let you know when there’s in game events happening! These can be enabled and disabled at any time of your choosing!
- Only iOS 9+ devices are now supported! We have removed support for devices running on versions of iOS lower than iOS 9 so we can provide a better experience on the more commonly used devices!

Thank you for playing Asterun! :D

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