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Maiko Slots

keycrekeycre / KeyCreation Co.,Ltd.

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Enjoy for free japanese-themed casino slots with maikos, samurais and more.

Enjoy for free japanese-themed casino slots.
Get 500,000 coins FOR FREE and challenge these exciting casino slots!

Gorgeous and luxurious maiko-themed casino slots, slots with the feel of the eternal nature of tropical countries, casino slots with a samurai's dignity... Japan's most traditional motifs one after another!

Some of "Maiko Slots" app features are:
-Gather dice and get free coins every day!
-New slots keep getting added periodically!
-Famous 50-Line slots keep coming one after another!
-Get tons of coins on Free Games and Bonus using japanese motifs!

"Maiko Slots" is a japanese-styled casino slot free application.

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This game is intended for adults and does not provide opportunities to gamble with nor earn real money. Getting benefits in-game does not guarantee succes during real-life gambles using real money.

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