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Scary Stories - Horror chat stories in the hooked


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Scary stories - a mystical place with lots of stories based on real events which happened to real people. If you can't imagine your life without horror, like to read horror stories all the time and always look for a fresh reading material - this app will help you. Ghosts, witches, dead men and zombies, poltergeists, deadly files and many other categories are available for reading right now (even in offline mode - in the subway, the bus or the minibus).

Where all these scary stories come from?
You had a bad or unusual dream? There was a mysterious situation with you or your close people? You have witnessed mysterious events?
Send us your stories and they will automatically appear in the application.

- Every day there are dozens of new stories
- You have the ability to rate the stories of other users
- See how people react to your horror stories in the comments
- The application is designed by professionals who have made a simple and intuitive interface

Warning! Please don't download the application if your mentality is not strong enough for such materials.- Added bookmarks (Come back and start reading stories from the point where you stopped)
- New stories indicator (Be in the course of the updates in your favorite categories)
- Total amount indicator in the categories
- Updated scroll
- Small bugs fixes

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