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In the distant future, mankind many years of war in a land of no waste, run out of resources. In humans in the war are divided into two allies, one party is relatively strong, driving conquests of advanced battle tanks, most of the land occupied by northern troops. Side, the force is relatively weak, but with a lot of resources of the South army.
With many years of battle and the increase in number of units, lack of resources to the northern army's weapons and do anything they want to snatch eyeing the military resources of the South, by the seizure of their land. Finally one day the balance is broken, the military build-up large numbers of troops north to south Fang Jinjun, the composition of the steel tank normally flood, such as hurricanes territory belongs to the South line, a war broke out.
Southern army at this time appear a hero, he drove a tank, we headed back bravely protect their own homes, sudden armies confront each other, fires raging. Ultimately defeated, or for the world to open a new chapter, everything in the gunfire, look for the answer ......
A Tanks War era had arrived.

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