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Evolving Planet Redux

xrubioxrubio / Murphy's Toast Games

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Discover the epic story of the Lovans

It's the year 3016, and you are in charge of an archaeological expedition to the planet Kepler-1138. Your aim is to know what happened to the Lovans, humanoid aliens that became extinct for unknown reasons.

You will use artificial life to replicate the story of the mysterious species. Will you develop their technology, make them experts on warfare or strengthen their cultural influence? Choose carefully your strategy to reveal the past of the Lovans, and also their future.

Pay if you want to! You can play Evolving Planet Redux entirely for free. Get the In-App Purchase if you want to show us your support.

•  Free to Play
•  Pausable Real-Time Strategy controlling hundreds of bots
•  20 missions with increasingly complexity
•  A diversity of goals: Fight, Expand, Exploit, Terraform
•  60 achievements unlocking additional content
•  In-Game tutorial explaining game mechanics
•  Supports Google Play game services


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Created by Murphy's Toast Games

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