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Brain Invaders

ricardonhoricardonho / don'ho

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A strange species of UFO alien brains invaders reached the solar system without asking permission, leaving to mankind no other option but war!

Fight through the solar system, liberating our planets and moons from the UFO brain alien invaders.

Capture and manage weapons and shields through the game to help on your journey.


10 Solar System Levels - Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter´s Moon Io, Saturn´s moon Titan, Uranus, Neptune´s moon Triton and the final Alien mother ship in orbit of Pluto;

With each new level, a new kind of UFO alien invaders is presented, that combined make up thousands of variations of different enemies.

3 types of extra weapons: Double life with protective Energy Shield, double strength Photon Torpedo and Nuclear Warhead;

Breathtaking challenge that will not leave you standing for a minute!Top Progress bar - find where you are on the game level;
New free Bonus - 5 shields, 5 Strong Fires and 5 nuclear weapons to play with when the game starts - use with caution!;
Easier and more balanced game flow;

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