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Zombie Jump


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Jumping cute zombies in a city of monsters!

Zombies are gross and scary? The main characters of Zombie Jump are new-generation zombies who love delicious foods and decorations!

One day, zombies accidentally tasted the foods of poeple that fell from the sky from time to time, and since then, they could no longer eat stinking rotton meats!

Hungry zombies could not forget the memory of delicious foods and started to jump up. Could they taste the fantastic foods again?

They collect food items and enjoy power jumps while escaping sharpt saw teeths and messengers of death!

★ Enjyo speedy jump action in a city of monsters!

★ The game is more gorgeous and enjoyable with cute characters who look like cartoon characters in harmony with detailed backgrounds!

★ The sounds of zombies like mischievous boys and girls, beat sounds and realistic sound effects make the jump more exciting!

★ Watch out for cracked footholds. Once you step on it, they collapse and you cannot step on it again!

★ Focus on random missions! You can clear missions by gathering food pieces within the time limit!

★ Various foods that you get by cleraing missions give you power to escape from the sickle and sawteeth of the messangers of death and from death by falling.

★ You can jump faster and higher using the jump devices on the foothold!

★ After playing a game, your game score is changed to coins at one coin per 1000 points, and to red coins at one red coin per 250 coins, which you can use to decorate your characters in the shop.

★ You can buy items at the shop to customize your characters! The customizations are also applied to the play!

★ You can also boast your unique, sensible characters that you decorated to your friends via Facebook and Kakao Talk! How about decorating your blog with your characters with different expressions depending on your feelings everyday?

★ Use Game Center – You can enjoy jump races with your friends! Enjoy an exciting match to determine who reaches the finish line by jumpiing higher!

★ You can use synchronization to save your custom items and red coins in the server! You can load the saved list to a different iPhone and use the same items and coins!

☆★ Zombie Jump offers addictive games and characters degree of freedom! Get lost in wild enjoyment! ☆★


- You can escape death from sawteeth once if you complete dolsot bibimbap among the missions.

- You can escape death from messenger of death once if you complete hamburger among the missions.

- You can escape death from falling once if you complete parfait among the missions.

- The key to rising high is to clear missions while playing games.

- When a messanger of death appears, you can jump using a booster to shake off him.

- If the server is in synchronization mode, you can disable synchronization by clicking the ID.

- One coin is added for every 1000 points.

- One red coin is added for every 250 coins.

- Using the synchronization mode allows you to restore your purchasing list any time even after you delete it.

- To change to the default item, press the corresponding tab in the shop and click the character.

- IDs for synchronization can be created only in English alphabets.

- When you go out of the screen to the left or right, you appear from the opposite side again.

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