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Welcome to Midas' Odyssey - unique eye-catching ancient puzzle world, devoted to classic story of legendary King Midas and it's divine ability to turn everything into Gold by touch. Ability which not actually blessing, but curse.

Start your brain workout with set of several smart and addictive puzzle games. Exercise your mind with more than 1000 unique puzzles! Reveal all comics stories about ancient world.

A whole hand-drawn map with four seasons, a day and starry night cycles, beautiful animations, and moving to unknown horizons.+Tutorial delay issue fixed.
New splash menu.
New Victory window.
Golden effects in Lose window.
New Win effects.
Starry night animations for map!
UI redesign in FILL and MINE puzzles.
Depth increasing effects in MINE puzzle.
Untappable area in RUIN puzzle fixed.
Map scrolling error on some phones fixed.
When leaving MINE without making move, life is not lost.
Life restoration notifications.
Proverbs about gold, by all the nations of the world.
Some effects fixed, and resources optimized.

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