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Balls and Lines

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Balls and Lines is a game in which you align balls into lines of 5 for points.
Balls and Lines is a great and simple game in which you simply align balls into lines of 5 for points.
The game is very simple but very addictive. Touch a ball to select it (it will begin to bounce) and then touch any grid to select the ball's target.
Later on press OK to make the bouncing ball move to the designated place. After each such a move 3 new balls will appear. However if you manage to create a line of 5 or more
those aligned balls will disappear and you will get 5 points. No new balls will bounce in this time. So that's why the game is named "Balls and Lines".
There are also special rules on scoring if you are very good:
1. Disappearing a line after line doubles points of every line after the first one.
2. If a line contains more than 5 balls each over that number will be worth 2 points.
The game includes 3 difficulty levels which are different in the number of colors - 5, 7 and 9 respectively. Each distinguishable, however the game includes an option to display
digits on balls to make playing even easier.
Of course the game ends when whole board is filled with balls and you can get a really nice high score. The highest one we have seen so far around 1200 on 5 colors - you can check it
out on our Facebook account (we have an in-game button).
If you have read up to here you should definitely download it - it's free and small - you will have it on your phone faster than it took you to read this text!
Also, please rate it 5 stars, that will help new updates coming. previously Bad Balls) is a classic logic lines game coming on your Android device.
Set on a board 9x9 tiles an epic journey of dumb balls that have to be aligned in lines to achieve enlightment.
You are their master and commander, how many can you guide to their destiny?
And for those of you more specific:
BadBalls is a classical logic match five game, where you move different color balls to form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of five or more. Sometimes called "lines game" or "five in a row". Or in a strange Slavian language "kulki" ;) You get points after each completed line and balls disappear. After each move which doesn't form a valid line three balls are added. Once you run out of space the game ends.
You cannot win, but you can achieve a really nice score. The balls are not angry, but they are bad, they will try to stop you.
Warning: Some people find this game (tested!) to be quite addictive. But that's ok, that's what a game should be.

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