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Enemies will emerge from all sides to prevent your band from achieving success, and it is up to you to choose the musicians, assemble your band, equip and balance your firepower to get through the various stages. The game features an extensive gallery of characters, each one with a differential firepower and defense, as well as a distinctive musical style. Among the musicians, you will find monsters and aliens… anything goes when it comes to a successful musical career! Several scenarios are available, and within them, many enemies will try to destroy you. To overcome this challenge, you must also use strategy and know how to equip the items: powerful compounds and drinks that can increase your power or invoke entities to protect you, which are found in a pub in-game. Destroy the enemies, collect money to hire stronger musicians for your band and buy the drinks available so you can reach the metal star where you can see a different ending to each of the characters. All this programmed, designed and worked in details to put on your hands a game with great quality and fun ... Thanks, and enjoy!

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