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apheliumaphelium / Aphelium Laboratories

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George is a sailor and specialist in hand-catching fish. Fish, fish, fish, more fish. That's all what your your broke boss need now. You pack your greasy bumps on a leased ship ("Sea Shell") and sail to dangerous pirate-controlled waters. The only hope for really a lot of fish and the repayment of this ultra pixel ship and their overdue bills.

Hungry George was thinking about changing his profession, but he loves this job and there is nothing better in the world than crazy running in the pursuit of fish.

All in your hands. Help them in trouble.

The job will not be easy because the "Bad Pirate" is crazy and does not allow anyone to fish in the area. It takes a lot of skill and speed, but it's easy for you.

Good luck !

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Visit our website: http://www.aphelium.plNew version with many enhancements and new style of gameplay.
Support iPhone X screen.

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