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Flashing Lights Wallpaper Pack

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A simply beautiful living and flashing lights wallpaper.
Flashing Lights Pack is a live wallpaper showing good looking and animated light appearing on your mobile or tablet. The lights evolve and look like if they were alive. It contains different themes which are also highly customizable.
If you enjoy it please consider buying the Donate version so we can keep updates and new, free applications coming. And please don't forget to rate 5 stars!
It's 100% free and doesn't use any special permissions.
TO USE: press home button -> press menu button-> wallpapers -> live wallpapers
// Technical stuff ahead
LED lights evolve in following colors:
red -> green -> yellow -> blue
See the wikipedia description on Conway's Game of Life cellular automaton ('s_Game_of_Life).
Yes, the wallpaper is a cellular automaton (se that also on Wikipedia!) evolving according to Conway's rules.

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