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Shuriken Chicken


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Featuring unique graphics, hand cut from felt.

Shuriken baddies that get in your way! Jump and slide to avoid obstacles and get Shuriken Chicken as far as you can with this fun new iPhone title from, Games for Gummie.

The game puts you in control of Shuriken Chicken, a crazy, shuriken wielding, constantly running, ninja trained chicken.

Swipe up to jump over obstacles, swipe down to slide under. Tap the screen to throw shurikens at baddies, to drop springboards and other things so you can use them to jump over bigger obstacles. Destroy baddies controlling spiky balls and other deadly obstacles so you can run pass, and of course, destroy any baddies that are simply in your way!

Of course, just simply throwing normal shurikens isn't enough for a chicken like Shuriken Chicken. Collect awesome shuriken power ups on your short journey such as the Laser Shuriken, a shuriken that lasers through any baddies in its path without stopping, or the Rapid Fire Shuriken, to throw shurikens like a machine gun.

Shuriken Chicken lives the ninja life; short, full of intense action, and respawnable!

- Unique art style, all graphics were hand cut from felt and photographed.
- Fun, action packed, and highly addictive gameplay!
- Simple gesture based controls.
- Collect sweet shuriken powerups!
- Over 30 Game Center achievements.
- Game Center leaderboards. Compete with your friends and the world to see who can run the furthest distance.

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