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Jelly Eater

sabarullasabarulla / Purplesoft

Original_jelly-eater Original_unnamed Original_unnamed1 Original_unnamed3


Jelly Eater is a cute little monster which is fond of ripen jellies. It's hunger for ripen jellies is limitless. Unfortunately the Jelly Eater has only unmellowed jellies with him which he can't eat. In order to make the green jellies ripen and to keep on feeding the monster with ripen jellies you need to play each level and make sure you bring down the jelly to the monster's Magic Plate. If you fail to bring the jelly to his Magic Plate the little monster will start crying so badly which is very sad to watch. The difficulty gets tougher at each level when you advance. Keep on winning levels and keep the Jelly Eater smiling always. Enough waiting, it's Crunching Time...

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