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BB Carom Billiard


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The best carom billiards (3 cushion) game of the world!
★☆★ Please watch promotion video ★☆★
★ No.1 game on Sports game category (3/20 ~ now)
★ No.2 Top paid game in Korea (2/17, 3/22)
★ No.3 Top paid app in Korea (3/22)
BBright’s first work, BB Carom Billiard, is a billiard game created by billiards lovers.
We have tried to combine game with real billiards world, and it worked well. Please, enjoy with your friends and compete with other gamers in the world through the OpenFeint.
[ Features ]
- Incredibly easy control
- Feels like playing the real billiards
- 3 Cushion 3 Ball / 4 Ball two game modes
- Competition with gamers around the world through the OpenFeint
[ Report & Technical Support ]
We appreciate your reviews and e-mails. Your comments make the better BB Carom Billiard.

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