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Link Link 2 HD


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Since we launched “Link Link” favored by the majority of players in 2010, we continuous summary, testing and improvement. After a year, we launch fantasy “Link Link 2” finally! All new graphic, music and game system, bring brand-new and awesome experience! O(∩_∩)O

***This is the game for summer!***

--Slowly flowing clouds, seagulls fly spray, sailing, swimming with the music of sunshine beach, enjoy this brand-new game in summer breeze!

***Brand-new Gameplay!***

--Unique 9 different icon automove systems, experience the brand-new linklink gameplay!

--The introduction of combo hits, use rapid response to get more combo reward, reverses the situation!

***Three Awesome mode!!!***

--Classical Mode: The most classic gameplay, salutes to traditional!

--Time Mode: Racing against time!!

--Infinite Mode: Ultimate game mode, take the challenge to prove who is the king of the linklink world!!!

***Three useful props and three different icon to choose!***

**Automatic day or night mode, and you can comfortable challenge the linklink world in bed at night!***

***Retina Display support!***

The fresh graphic, music, lovely icon, appropriate difficulty system, brand-new game mode, let’s go into dreamy “Link Link 2” world together! \(^o^)/

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