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FisheriesCrisis HD


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Evil fish invade!! Fisheries are in jeopardy!!! The old fisherman recruits the brave to rescue fish from the evil’s sharp teeth. Never hesitate! You will be the next fishery patron.
“Fisheries Crisis " is the upgraded version of the classic game “Super Fishermen”. All kinds of BOSS are waiting to be caught, the cuttlefish which can spray ink, the piranha which can tear the fish nets, the angry globefish, the fierce sharks…There will be more fun in Fisheries Crisis! Hurry up, warriors! Come and join the colorful undersea world!
1.The initial maximum of fishing nets is only 50 , but you can improve the toplimit and enlarge your fishing nets through the upgrade.
2. Drifting bottles will appear when you get a certain score. Remember to capture them, because they can supplement your nets number.
3. You need more than a few times to capture some large fishes such as tortoise, it would move forward every time during capturing. But of course the mark will be satisfied when you capture such kind of fish.

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