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Pick the Sound-Food Collection

Muniraj Sunderavel

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Pick the sound-Food collection are series of games for iphone with various food objects to learn. The game series are developed for kids who learn new things every day.
This game is to help kids to learn various food collections like
1.Vegetables collection
2.Fruits collection
3.Crisps, Dry fruits and Nut collection
The game has a trainer section where the kids learn various food collections. Later the kids can check their knowledge by playing the three types of games
1. Sound game
2. Memory game
3. Matching game
Please do post your valuable comments and suggestions by visiting the mamba's website contact us page.
-Consists of three food sets collection.
-The user interface is intutive.
-Kids will easly pick up the game without their parents support.
-Fun and easy touch controls.

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