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Lexigon, a word search game with a difference. Slide to select a word!
Lexigon is a word searching game with a difference. When you find a word, those letters are gone and you have to search with a new board.
In the game a timer counts down as you tap words out (double tap last letter to submit), or slide the selected word (release finger to submit word). The letters for that word change to new letters. You also get a little extra time for each correct word. You have a certain about of time to find words then if you are lucky you get onto the next level!
At the end of the game your high score is stored online at Scoreloop. You can find words and see if your friends can beat you!
The board is made up of pretty hexagonal shapes, and any word must be made of adjacent Lexigons. Be careful which letters you select and change, as the game goes on you wish you kept some letters.
Blue and Green coloured Lexigons are good, but you will see you don't score so well with Red and Black Lexigons.
Please let us know what you think of the game. If you like it give us a star rating. If you like to see new features then mail us with ideas!
Thanks for supporting Lazybrush Games and we hope you Enjoy Lexigon!

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