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Monster Party

Mi Studio

Original_monter2 Original_monter3


Stack as high as you can without dropping the monster pieces!
Monster Party is a simple, yet amusing puzzle game. The rule is very straightforward, to stack the monsters as high as possible to reach the goal line. However, you must make sure your monsters are well balanced as they might easily just fall off. Drop 3 blocks and it’s game over! Besides the standard story mode, there is also a mission mode. Challenge yourself to accomplish more stages within a certain given time! A network mode soon to be followed allowing you and your friends to play against each other!
Story Mode: 3 stages
Mission Mode: 3 themes with each made up of 6 levels each / Total of 18 stages
You can rotate the monster piece before placing on as a block.
When a pop-up appears during game play, shake your device to use one of three magic items to assist you building the blocks (Fire, Ice, Lightning). When the magic bar appears, you can choose to use the magic item but the magic bar will disappear after a few seconds, so think fast!
Fire: Remove the existing block
Ice: Freeze the touched block
Lightning: Your existing block will be replaced with another random monster piece

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