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InLined is the most beautiful remake of a classic game you can find on a mobile device. This simple but very engaging game was redesigned specially for the iPhone and iPod touch and takes advantage of the Retina display. The concept is very simple: move your pawns to form lines of the same colors to receive points, but the strategy you choose, among with a stroke of luck, will have a great impact on your score.

The game is:
- easy to learn - grasp the concept in a 10 seconds tutorial and navigate using intuitive buttons
- a never ending story - once your board fills up, you simply restart the game and everything starts from the beginning
- rewarding good moves - a line removed after another is worth double points, same goes to pawns over the basic 5
- a global leaderboard - GameCenter integrated leaderboard will let you see how are other people around the world doing
- great graphics - every bitmap was carefully crafted specially for this game, every symbol was designed to be as intuitive as possible
- full value for one price - once you buy and download it you will always get every update for it.
- quick to play - it takes tested 3 seconds on iPhone 4 to get it launched, that's a big relief when comparing with other modern productions
- a valued highscore - it protects you from making a mistake move by an 'Accept' button (which can be removed), but doesn't allow to undo. This way every highscore is as valuable as it gets
- low burden on the device - it's only a few MB that won't stop you from having more photos and music on your device. Will also quickly download from the AppStore.

[This game was tested on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 2gen. We are planning to make an iPad version soon and convert this game to an universal binary, so it can be run on any iDevice]

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