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FunnyWrap - it's a fun to crack a bubbles on wrap

To crack bubbles on wrap of office equipment is perhaps the most famous way to relax. However, there is a problem, that this wrap is a scarce product when
many people like to crack it. So, for those who want to relax, we made our new app - FunnyWrap.

There are two modes of play - time score (with leaderboards) and in relax mode.

In time score mode you are given 30 seconds to crack so many bubbles on the game field, as you can. The more bubbles you can crack, the more score you will get.
All score records is carefully saved. You also can compete with your friends, who crack more, and than compare the results. All records are saved in cloud, so
you can se not only your scores, but also scores of another players.

But if you only want to relax there is a "endless wrap" mode for you. In this game mode you can crack bubbles so long, as you want.

In addition, for those who likes to compete, there is a high scores screen. The best scores of you and anothers players are displayed in this screen.

Have enjoy and relax!

There is only english locale in this game.iAd fixed

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