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Clumsy Pirates

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The Sun “cleverly presented, instantly compulsive”

Observer “96 levels of colourful cartoon mayhem”

PadGadget "If you like puzzle games, pirates (or rum), this one is a fun game that is worth grabbing.”

The pirates had been busy looting merchant ships and were celebrating a great day with plenty of Rum. All of a sudden a merry pirate accidentally lights one of the cannon bombs. Not knowing what to do with it, he hands it to the youngest pirate, Billy The Mop a.k.a the mopping boy. Billy has to hurry with the bomb and throw it overboard to save the ship.

Come and help Billy The Mop in this simple but addictive puzzle game with a cute pirate inspired theme.

Throw the bomb overboard before it explodes and save his ship while collecting gold coins. But, watch out! This is not an easy task, the path to the upper deck is full of obstacles that will slow you down. Using different elements like bubbles and ladders, you can help Billy dodge obstacles. The simple touch-based controls make this game intuitive and fun for players of all skill levels.

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