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Jewels Showdown


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A brand new adaptation of the classic game Jewels, try to match three or more gems of the same type to make them disappear.
It contains two game modes that will test your skills:
A. - Showdown: use your strategy to get rid of as many gems as possible before running out of moves.
2. - Time Attack: Use your speed of view to get points before time runs out.

Each of these modalities include three levels of difficulty appropriate for all users.

How to play:
1. - In this adaptation must exchange gems from the board and the row of gems that appears below it.
2. - Select a gem, either the board or row, and then choose the one you want to swap with it.
3. - If three or more gems of the same type on the board are together, they will disappear and others will fall.
4. - Enchain disappearances for score multipliers.

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