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A simple yet fun balloon popping game for kids and adults alike.
Test your tapping skills or just take the one minute of your time to take the edge off.
For better experience and scores use multitouch.
Up to five simultaneous touches supported therefore more than one person can play at the same time ("coop mode").
Can be used as a multitouch tester (enable crosshairs in game menu). Some devices advertise three+ touches, but barely support two.
There are no adverts, hidden costs or limitations. It's free.
Author's notes:
Cute and somewhat addictive - hard to put down in mid-game.
Dedicated to my 2yr old daughter. Hopefully other kids and adults will enjoy it too.
Score over 270 is considered very good. My best is 280 on a 10inch tablet using two fingers.
Post your scores, comments or suggestions.

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