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Corn Zone


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Presenting a new style of corn-grabbing action game!
Pluck corn kernels to your heart's content!
Then, explore the creature-raising mini-game also included!

How to play:
1: Rules
★Slide your finger across the screen to collect corn kernels.
★A clean swipe will get you 30 points plus reveal 3 gemstones. Tap the gems to collect them.
★Once you collect all the kernels, flick the screen to reveal a new corn zone.

2: Game Modes:
★5-Round Challenge: Shoot for the best score after 5 rounds.
★1-Minute Challenge: Try for a high score in this 1 minute event.

3: Creature-training game:
★As you collect corn in the main game, you can use it to raise your pet “corn pup.”
★Depending on how you care for it, it can grow up into one of 20 varieties.

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