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Just a flirt or love of your life? iLoveCheck lets you know! Just one fingerprint needed and you know if you're meant to be together. Suitable for singles and lovers!

A quick "scan" of your fingerprints, a short calculcation and iloveCheck tells you if you've found the love of your life already. You receive a score and a short prediction about how good the chances with your crush are.

Pre-define the outcoming score before scanning your fingerprints and your flirt factor gets even higher!

iLoveCheck comes with the following features:
* Cool design
* "scan" of your fingerprint
* Different pre-defined outcomes

Download this fun app now for your phone and increase your flirt chances!

If you like our iLoveCheck we're looking forward to your rating in the AppStore.

For questions or other feedback visit us on Facebook: Improved user interface
- Additional language support

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