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Looking for some solid snake gameplay for your touch screen device? This is it!
Although the little snake appears to start off slowly you'd better keep a close eye on it, because things aren't what they seem to be. Before you know it, the snake will crawl faster than the speed of light!
Make sure you watch the clock whenever a new gem appears, because time is ticking away. The faster you'll reach those gems, the more bonus points you'll get. Plan wisely, but quickly, and reach new hiscores!
This version of the game was specifically designed to be used with touch screens. There are no on-screen buttons, no flings, no swipes and definitely no up arrows to press for the snake to move. If your device has a touch screen and you're itching for some solid snake gameplay but haven't found the right version yet, this is the app you have been looking for!
- smart tap control for touch screens
- addicting snake gameplay
- retro light raster gfx
More coming up in future updates. If there's any problem you're having with the game, please let me know at and together we'll work something out to make things work nicely on your device.
Feature requests are most certainly welcome as well!
If you like my work, you can also follow me at @stripeymilk to stay up to date about this and upcoming games. Thanks!

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