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Umbel Bee

iJoy Studio

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Umbel Bee is a simple and playable flower and bee puzzle game. It is bright in color and rich in content with exquisite patterns, beautiful flowers frozen in the crystal lattices. We need to use the bee to remove all of the crystal lattices and get to the end checkpoint to win. As the game goes on, the difficulty and challenges are increasing, so players must try their best to remove all the crystal lattices with some different props which help the players to pass the game. The game’s delicate scenery design and optimized sense of touch will let players to fully feel beauty of the game such as bee flying around and flowers falling gently. This game has 4 levels containing 128 sub-levels which will test the players’ skills and speed.


* Click the crystal lattices on the screen to move the bee *

* Remove all the lattices and pass the game by moving the bee to the end checkpoint. *

* The game’s difficulty will go up. And at the same time, there are some helpful props for you. *


* Beautiful background with changing colors *

* Lovely and beautiful flowers & bees and translucent lattices *

* Wonderful and moving audio-visual experience *

* A variety of interesting music *

* 4 levels/128sub-levels *

* More colorful levels are in the updating. *

* A fascinating game – once start, never stop. *

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