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Smart Target (Rock Sliders Lite)

RosePearStudio Inc

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Smart Target (Rock Sliders Lite) is a unique physics based mix of shuffleboard, curling, and arcade action with different specialty rocks, ninja stars, warps, and some rock paper scissors thrown in.

Tap, flick, knock, and bounce your way to victory! Use special rocks to knock, bounce, repel, attract, and cut your way through the competition. Test your skills and accuracy with flicking using different rocks of different weights.

You can play with one hand using Easy mode. Earn stars and unlock the many different challenges through the arcade Play mode. Play strategic games against your friend using flicking skills and careful placement of rocks on the board in Versus mode. Compete against a simple AI in the arcade Play mode. Complete simple challenges using your wits and flicking skills.

* 20+ Challenge levels!
* 5 Versus battles!
Get more levels in the Full Version, Rock Sliders!

So simple even kids can play and it's fun for all ages so give it a try!

FREE Version: Contains mostly easy levels of the full version. If you really like it, try the full version!

All done using Cocos2d-x and free art/sound programs. Thanks to the cocos2d-x developers and community for the hard work and answering questions!

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